Christmas project (and hey, where have I been?)

I’ve been sewing Christmas presents for years and years. I often end up with at least one bigger gift each year. Quilts for my siblings, a quilt for my mother-in-law, stuffed animals, etc. I guess quilts are usually the biggest things I give!

This year folks on Jeremy’s side of the family emailed around lists and hints for presents. Our nephew said he would like an “interesting hoodie.”  Well what does that mean!? I asked his moms for further info.  I got that he would take any color, he wanted a thick hood, an inner pocket on the chest for pens, and a hole in one pocket for feeding his ipod cord through.  I asked his sister what image I could put on the hoodie. She suggested something from Dr. Who. Back then, in November, I had never seen an episode of Dr Who and didn’t know a thing about it. My niece suggested a “tardis” because a “dalek” might be too complicated to make. Whatever those things are!

I looked up pictures and saw that actually anything from Dr Who could be quite complicated. I decided to purchase some patches of K-9 and a dalek, and I made my own giant tardis patch for the back of the hoodie. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and my nephew (who is 13) loves it. He apparently doesn’t leave the house without wearing it, which is definitely success in my book.

(And don’t you worry about me and Dr. Who – I am embarrassed to admit how many seasons I’ve gotten through since the end of November. I am an addict for sure! =)

K-9 patch for hoodie pocket

K-9 patch for hoodie pocket


The whole beautiful tardis, on the back of the hoodie.


detail of the tardis hoodie. I used a tiny zig zag stitch for most of the lines. I ran out of time and had to embroider the lines on the right side by hand.


The dalek patch is on the left side, on the chest and there is a pen pock sewn on the inside. The dalek hides the stitches from showing on the front.


I also made an awesome winter hat for my niece out of felted sweaters; a stuffed sheep for my 3-year-old niece… hmm, that’s all I can remember making for Christmas! Wacky. My poor brother got more pillows from me. I doubt any male likes that many pillows (he got two from me a couple years ago, and I think he got some from my mom this year or last.) He’s like Drew in Never Been Kissed – except he’s not the one making the pillows!  Oh, I made a little wallet out of ties for my sister-in-law.

I received some great fabric for Christmas and some amazing gingher scissors. I did not know what sharp scissors were like till I got these.  Using them… it’s like the difference between hand-piecing a quilt and machine-piecing; or like the difference between cutting out quilt pieces with scissors and using a rotary cutter and ruler.  All you can think is, “how did I do this before?” They are marvelous.

Here we are in 2013.  What will this year have in store? I don’t have any dates in store for art/craft sales or markets, though I am applying and planning to apply for several. I do have one new product in my shop that I have been thinking about and trying to work out for a year or two. I’m quite pleased with the final product.

penguin french press cozy

penguin french press cozy

cute penguin!

cute penguin!

I’ve made one owl too, but that was a special order so I’ll have to make more of those.

I’ve also managed to find some good black faux fur so I’m making black sheeps now; and my sheep stuffed animals now have legs which makes them so much cuter.

Here’s hoping 2013 is full of great art/craft shows, lots of time for making fun creations, and maybe developing some more great creations!