Things I Also Make – sweater pins

Sweater pins.  I wish there was a better name for these! But that’s the best I’ve come up with.

I learned this fun little craft at an earth fair festival last year. It uses felted sweaters and bottle caps; that’s it!

It’s hard to say whether it has been more fun finding sweaters or finding bottle caps. Actually, once the word spread that I was making these – people started giving me lots of bottle caps so I haven’t had to save many myself. I even brought some cool ones back from my recent trip to Kenya.

People seem to have fun digging through my little basket of them, pointing out drinks they like, or drinks their grandma or dad or friend likes. When people start to look really seriously, I know they’re looking for a particular one. Can you guess which one that is 9 times out of 10?

It’s Guinness, that’s what. And I’ve only ever found or been given two Guinness caps! So those ones are definitely in high demand.


2 thoughts on “Things I Also Make – sweater pins

  1. I’ve had several Guinness lately, but always on tap! I’m proud to see Boulevard Brewing Company so well displayed. Those are really good looking. Karin

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