Things I Also Make – cup cozies

About two years ago I was at one of the worst art/craft sales I’ve ever been at. The only redeeming bit was meeting a couple of fellow artists that I’ve stayed in touch with. One of them had a tub with a few cup cozies. Now I realize these are practically a dime a dozen and everyone makes them – but I hadn’t seen them before at that point. I thought they were really cool. The artist herself hadn’t made them; a relative had. She gave me one and said I should make them myself, since her relative was doing them in a different state.

So I’ve made a few. It has been fun to experiment with different types of fabric and embellishments (“bling” some might call it), and to experiment with some of the fun stitches on my sewing machine.

The thing about these is they are one size fits all. I’ve seen a lot of cup cozies that have straps and velcro and button closures. I guess those are helpful if you want to wrap the cozy around a mug with a handle. But frankly I think for a coffee shop paper cup, you don’t need all that.

I’ve seen this cozy fit on every size of cup – even the ceramic ones that are made to look like the paper cups! For smaller cups the cozy snugs up to the top, and for larger cups the cozy fits lower down.

Anyway, no matter what style you like or use, I think these are very handy to have around. I always need something like this when I get a paper cup since they are so hot, and it’s a shame to use up more paper with the paper “cozies” that are provided. Oh, another benefit I think, is telling the difference between drinks. I’ve seen my sister and brother-in-law get coffee drinks and then accidentally take a sip of the wrong one (face of disgust!). With your own personal cup cozy, you’ll never drink someone else’s drink again! =)

This has to be one of my favorite – recycled corduroy pants and the hemmed off sleeve of a shirt. Recycled!


Disclaimer! Okay, this particular item has been on Etsy before, but not for awhile. I guess I’d given up on the smaller items like this. But maybe I’ll try that again…


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