Things I Also Make – sunglass cases

One of the frequent comments I hear when I’m at a Farmers Market or art/craft sale is: Did you make all this?

Yes, I always reply, I kind of have sewing ADD.

It seems like most people stick to one or two things, when it comes to fiber arts. Only hats, scarves, and gloves. Or only aprons. Or only purses and bags.  I get excited about a variety of different projects and have to make practically everything I see or hear about that interests me.

If you’ve checked out my Etsy shop you’ve seen a number of things I sell there: tea cozies, quilts, bags, pillows, pot holders, and I recently added some sheep stuffed animals.  This is only half, probably less than half, of the number of other things I also make – many of which you’ll only find when I’m at an art/craft sale. I thought it would be fun to talk about and show off some of these other items – which you would never know existed if you didn’t come to see me face-to-face at a sale.  (And maybe ask: anyone interested in seeing these show up on Etsy??)

I’ll start with these eyeglass / sunglass cases.

My mom started making these awhile ago, probably in the early 80s. I remember helping her make them, for a craft fair or Saturday market, when I was in high school. My mom makes everything beautiful, and complicated. Her cases were always patchwork, kind of like mini crazy quilts.

It took a lot of time to make them! The binding on the edge was finished by hand. They were beautiful, but I think they can be just as beautiful, or whimsical or creative, with a solid piece of fabric. So that is how I make them now.

Okay I guess I get a little fancy sometimes myself!

And I also try to make a few in a jumbo size, for those super large glasses/sunglassses.

There are so many fun fabrics out there to use!

I’ve looked at lots of other glasses cases and realize it’s all about personal preference. Some people want a hard case (so they don’t crush their glasses!). Some people want some sort of a flap or closure so things don’t fall out. I don’t think glasses fall out of these cases all that easily, but I suppose they could. I think their advantage is it’s easy to get your glasses out quickly – you’re not fumbling with a button or snap or velcro or whatever else.

So there it is – one of the things I make lots of that hasn’t ever shown up on Etsy. (What do you think? Should I put these up on Etsy?)


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