Mice and the giveaway

One of my sheep tea cozies is in a giveaway right now (on the HandmadeMN blog). I’ve been enjoying the comments from this giveaway: the first way to enter is to leave a comment saying what item you like from my Etsy shop.

So far most people have been enjoying my new mice pot holders. These are very new to me; the first ones were posted on Etsy just a month ago.

Where did the idea come from? A neighbor of ours who lives a block away has one of the coolest houses and yards I’ve ever seen. She bought this fixer-upper house years ago and has been painstakingly fixing it up ever since. She likes things old fashioned and simple, so the kitchen has old cabinets, an old cast iron sink, an old gas stove, etc. One day when I was visiting I noticed an old pot holder hanging on the side of the oven. It was a little mouse and the cutest pot holder I’d ever seen!

I borrowed it from her to see if I could make a pattern for myself. I cut it open, turned it inside out, and figured out how it was made. And it did look old. The “stuffing” inside was a couple of old blankets. I would guess it was many decades old, but who knows. I have since found one or two similar designs in different Etsy shops, and one claimed it was a design from the 80s.

Either way, I think they are adorable and of course very handy to have around the kitchen. I’d much rather have this kind of mouse than the living kind!

If you haven’t yet entered the giveaway for the sheep cozy, you have until this coming Sunday.

A question to my followers and lurkers: would you be interested in a giveaway of the mice pot holders?


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