Women’s Art Festival

The Women’s Art Festival at the YWCA is coming up in just 4 days! Oh my, I still have so much sewing I want to do!

This show fills up pretty quick and I missed my opportunity to be in it the first couple years I knew about it. I almost missed my chance last year, but then I got in at the last second – literally a couple days beforehand. Little did I know that space opened up for me because half the participants had bailed out. What did they know that I didn’t? They had beenĀ  watching the weather and knew an enormous, epic snowstorm was going to descend on us the very day of the Art Festival!

The whole city shut down and only half the vendors came. Some people skiied and snowshoed over to the event – Minnesotans, they’re tough!

But this year, the weather is looking good. I think it will cooperate. So come on over on Saturday from 10a to 5p and have fun at this glorious event!

Women’s Art Festival poster