Last Market & Fall Plans

I’m back! Okay, I was only gone for a week, and that was more than a week ago, but sometimes it takes awhile to recover from vacation. I had my sewing machine serviced and cleaned up while I was gone – it’s too bad the cleaning fairy didn’t go through my sewing room and clean that while I was gone! It is kind of a disaster. I’m too embarrassed to even show pictures.

I’ll have to deal with it though because I’m gearing up for a busy sewing season and I’m just not ready to clean up and put everything away when I’m in the middle of so many projects.

I seem to have opened a pandora’s box by starting to make toaster covers earlier this year. I’ve now got requests for all sorts of appliance covers in chickens, cows, pigs, ladybugs, and more! Pictures…eventually. I’ve come to realize that some animals/creatures translate to an appliance cover better than others!

Now, what you’ve all be waiting for! I WILL be at the Midtown Farmers Market this coming Saturday, October 1, from 8am to 1pm. It will be my LAST day at the Market for the year! So if you haven’t made it out there yet, let this be the Saturday!

If you do miss me, I will be in lots of other markets throughout the fall.

There will also be a house sale in December with music and food! More details on that when it’s planned. I’d better get busy sewing!