Last market for awhile & a hula hoop contest!

If you’ve been meaning to come check out my wares at the Market this summer, this weekend will be one of your last chances! I’ll be there this Saturday (8-1 as usual) and then I’m not scheduled to be back for a month!

I know the Fair is going on and there are more things on a stick than ever, and it’s the LoLA Art Crawl, and all sorts of things, but we have a hula hoop contest! I mean, you’re not going to find a hula hoop contest anywhere else this weekend are you? I didn’t think so.

What’s new from my humble booth? I’ve got several more fleece socks made up, in three different sizes. These went fast last week, so show up early if you want some. I’ll try to have many more made up for when I’m back at the market in late September. I’ve also got some more apple and carrot potholders and some more glasses cases. I’ve only got one sheep stuffed animal left – not sure if I’ll get another one done before tomorrow; but I do have several whales. They are all very cute!

I hope to see some of you tomorrow!


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