Market versus weather

I’m supposed to be at the Midtown Market this coming Saturday, July 16, but with a forecast of 95 degrees or so and high humidity, it sounds miserable! Does it sound miserable to you too? Anyone want to go out in high heat and humidity and buy things at the market?

I didn’t think so. So, I probably won’t be at the market this Saturday, unless I change my mind at the last minute. It just gives me more time to sew and create things for upcoming markets, and the upcoming Powderhorn Art Fair!

What have I been creating since last week? I picked up some adorable (adorable!) dinosaur fabric at my favorite quilt shop and have managed to squeeze three little bags out of it. I’m also working on another chicken bag (the first went fast!), and a fun bag made from a pillow sham. I’ve made up several more cup cozies, including inventing a new style to appease some folks who didn’t think there were appropriate guy-themed cup cozies.

My favorite quilt shop is having a sale this week so I’m heading over there to stock up on some adorable new fabric they have in, some basics, and maybe a book or two.



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