It’s official!

This morning I got email confirmation that I got into the Women’s Art Festival in December. Wahoo! I got to go last year, at the last minute, and I could see that it was a great event. Tons of women artists, food, coffee, music, a great atmosphere, and lots of fun. And that was on the same day we got 18 inches of snow and the whole city shut down! People literally snow-shoed and skiied to the event. So, barring another snow event, I have a feeling this year, their 19th, will be excellent. I hope to see you there!

Later in the afternoon, the mailman dropped off the mail and in it was a confirmation that I’d also gotten into the Powderhorn Art Fair in August. Wahoo! I love the art work/poster for the fair this year.  This fair is all outdoors and it was pretty hot and humid last year. Given our weather so far this summer, who knows what will happen. It had better not pour rain though! I had a lot of fun last year and I’m looking forward to doing this again.

I’ve been whipping up some new things, including these new potholders.

two new potholders

Last year I had a pair of carrots, apples, cherries, and tomatoes. They all sold and I haven’t made any since. Someone requested the carrots and I got to thinking about making these again. They really are very cute (if I do say so myself!) I’ve changed the style a bit from last year (and from the other potholders I made earlier this year).

I read recently that wool makes a great potholder because it doesn’t catch fire. It chars a bit, but it naturally puts itself out. Sounds like a great reason to have wool potholders! So I mixed mine up a bit. The front, of course, is cotton, and the back is a piece of felted wool from an old sweater. Kind of hard to see in the picture; you’ll have to come by sometime and see them in person!



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