These debuted on April 30th at Craftastic: toaster covers!

Okay, honestly, I think toaster covers are a little silly. I got asked almost every week last year if I made toaster covers. I guess more people have toasters than teapots!

As any crafter/artist will tell you, one of the most annoying things to hear when you’re out selling your things is, “Oh, why don’t you make…” “You should make…” “I bet you could sell…”

Why can’t people just be happy with what it is you’re selling!? Perhaps they think they are being helpful, I don’t know. I find this a bit annoying, but after listening to people repeatedly recommend this one particular item for months on end, I decided to give it a try.

I worked for a couple days on one prototype in January and it failed miserably. It just didn’t work out, so I gave up on that idea. (I know – so easily!) But then another crafter asked me about making a toaster cover, so I gave it another try. And this time I figured out a design I liked!

So if you visit me at the Market this summer, you’ll finally be able to get a toaster cover (and I know you’ve really been wanting one…)


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