Chicken zombies

Let me explain.

I make these chicken tea cozies. People love them! Well, at least they love looking at them; not buying them. Whatevs. They started out with me trying to jazz up some really boring tea cozies I’d made. Every so often I’ll dig out a couple of these boring cozies and make all the parts to turn the cozy into the “excited chicken!” cozy: comb, beak, wings, and eyes.

That’s been my afternoon project today (in preparation for an art show I’ll be at later this month!). I like to line up the chickens and pin on all the different parts and then sew them all on at once. I just had the eyes left to do. They’re made of felt so they stick to the face of the chicken – which I do just to make sure I don’t cut out too many.

And I keep one finished cozy on hand to compare placement, size, etc. So I’m cutting out these eyes and slapping them on, then I look up and realize, “This looks like a band of zombie chickens about to do some harm to that poor finished chicken!”

And, of course, I had to blog about it. =)


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