A little late, but better late than never, right! Tomorrow I’ll be in St. Paul at the Craftastic show. I’m pretty excited about it.  Here is the beautiful poster that was made for the show:


Hopefully you can come!  It’s at the Pilney Building, 1032 West 7th St, St Paul, 10am to 5pm, April 30th.


Earth Fair 2011

I’m starting the craft/art fair season early! (Early for me anyway.)

I’ll be at the 10th Annual Earth Fair in Prairie Village, Kansas on April 16th.

I’m in the “Green Crafts” section with folks doing recycled and green crafts. I’ll have those recycled bags and pillows I posted about earlier, plus a few other cool things. Stay tuned for more events!

Chicken zombies

Let me explain.

I make these chicken tea cozies. People love them! Well, at least they love looking at them; not buying them. Whatevs. They started out with me trying to jazz up some really boring tea cozies I’d made. Every so often I’ll dig out a couple of these boring cozies and make all the parts to turn the cozy into the “excited chicken!” cozy: comb, beak, wings, and eyes.

That’s been my afternoon project today (in preparation for an art show I’ll be at later this month!). I like to line up the chickens and pin on all the different parts and then sew them all on at once. I just had the eyes left to do. They’re made of felt so they stick to the face of the chicken – which I do just to make sure I don’t cut out too many.

And I keep one finished cozy on hand to compare placement, size, etc. So I’m cutting out these eyes and slapping them on, then I look up and realize, “This looks like a band of zombie chickens about to do some harm to that poor finished chicken!”

And, of course, I had to blog about it. =)