Circles, squares, and triangles

I’ve got three little quilts in process.

The oldest is this very simple pinwheel quilt with cute little bugs. This originally started out (about two years ago) as two little pillows. But then I realized no one buys pillows, so instead of finishing them I made one more square and sewed the whole thing together as a quilt. It is quite small though – about 24″ square. I had a little bug material left for a border (as you can see) and I picked up some more fabric for more borders. I have one more border to add, then quilting and finishing.


You might recognize this from last year. It’s not the same quilt though. This new one is much smaller and made from the leftover scraps of the other one. For this quilt I cut squares and then cut circles out of the middle. Then I sew the opposite color into the circle. What to do with all the circles I’ve got left over? This quilt! Now there are left-over circles from this quilt, but I think they’re just the right size for some yo-yos. I just got some border and backing fabric for this one, so that has to go on, then the quilting and finishing.

And lastly:

This was sort of a boredom project. I needed fabric and thread for all the other projects on my plate and the fabric store was closed. And I’ve been thinking a lot about how to use up all the scraps and bits I’ve got. (Tons of scraps!) I rather like the way this turned out, though I’m still thinking about whether to make it a little less rectangular. And I don’t know if it will get a border or not. I’ve kind of been into borders lately, so it probably will get one. And then, the refrain, quilting and finishing!

It’s hard to get up the energy to do creative homesteady things when it looks like this outside:

Okay, it’s not as bad as that anymore. This is from our big snowstorm last month. But still – ’tis the season for snuggling up inside with a hot drink and a good book – not working feverishly on the homestead!


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